Chakra Balancing

Signs that your energy centers within your body, known as Chakras are out of balance.
    Do you feel tired and run down?
    Do you have health issues?
    Wake up feeling tired?
    Have  difficulty expressing your emotions or have emotional outbursts?

The Body needs to be in balance to function at it's full potential.  Imbalance can cause
many effects to the emotional and physical aspects of the body.  Learn how to balance these
energy centers in your body to keep your body balanced and thus the energy flow freely
through the entire body aiding in healing the emotional and physical body.


PURPLE:  Crown Chakra is located just above the head.  The purple chakra connects you with messages from your higher realms.

INDIGO:  Third eye Chakra is located by the Pineal Gland (behind brow)
The Indigo chakra is for looking upward and forward .  If blocked you will feel doom and
gloom and do not feel like you can move forward.

BLUE:  Throat, Chakra is located in the throat.  If blocked manifests in inability to communicate
easily with others or may show lack of creativity, unwillingness to interact with others.

GREEN:  Heart Chakra is located by the heart.  A blocked heart chakra manifests as immune system or heart problems also a lack of compassion.

YELLOW:  Solar Plexus Chakra is located mid abdomin.  The Yellow chakra if blocked manifest
in anger or sense of being a victim.  Can cause you to feel tired and out of energy.

ORANGE:  Spleen Chakra is locate just below the navel.  The orange chakra if blocked
manifest as emotional problems.

RED:  Root Chakra located at the base of the spine. The red Chakra grounds us in the
physical world.  If blocked may feel like you can not focus on responsibilities of daily life.


If you would like to have your Chakras balanced and know which Chakras are our of balance.
This is done in person or long distance (remotly).    The balancing is done by the practitoner
and you will feel more clear and joyful after this has been completed.  

To schedule a one-on-one session, please contact:

Gloria Tate




Change what No Longer Serves You and Attain Personal Freedom, Love and Happiness and Abundance

If you are Challenged With:
Low Self Esteem
Health Disorders
Relationship Issues
Sabotaging Behaviours
Goal Attainment
Weight Loss
Financial Stress
Poor Self Image
Judgment of Others and Self
Not Loving Self
Not Feeling Worthy
Being On Time
Or other conditions?

Great blessings and relief are easily yours and are only a phone call away.

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